We are not just seasoned tourists.

We are not just travel companions. We are not just the holders of the itineraries to be soothsayers on soap boxes. What we are is a crew of experienced adventurers who’ve learned how to travel the world by only knowing where we were laying our heads that first night.

We are here to learn you, to really see you on an equal plane. 
We are here to share our knowledge over campfire stories.
We want to be a bridge that connects you to the land, to the people
...and connects you to yourself. 


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Dee Nalam/Founder/Curator

Dee has that ability to shift between calm and quiet strength to energetic, natural born leader…then to straight up face-lift level jokester. Born in the Philippines and raised all over, from Japan to California, Dee perfected the art of discovering the hidden beauty that is left unseen by most passerbys. While living in Mexico and Central America for two years, she learned how to truly listen and observe the impact of her travel on the local environment and communities.

Dee’s world travels helped her discover how adventure and exploration, if done consciously, can not only connect us to our global, human family but also lead to a soulful, even spiritual journey within. 

Dee combines her natural curiosity, her genuine love of people and her art of travel with over 15 years of project management experience as a household estate manager and professional photographer. Dee is now based in Atlanta, GA and as the founder of Guided Seeker, is committed to creating expertly-organized journeys that compassionately guide adventurers into the unknown to find the sacred answers they are seeking about the world and their purpose in it.


Jay Latour/Lead Curator

Jay was born in Southern France and is now based in the United States. His passion for travel and world culture began 20 years ago when he left his small town for the continent of Asia.

A lover of nature, culture, art and tradition, Jay has been able to combine his passion for travel with his performance work in circus and martial arts. His international experience has ranged from backpacking and trekking, organizing festivals, renting houses and motorcycles, communicating in wild hand gestures and charades type actions across language barriers, convoy crossing through central Australian sand roads to work with aboriginal communities, humanitarian projects in Thailand and Mumbai slum educational outreach, as well as performing for kings and maharajas from Dubai to Rajasthan.

Jay has created intimate relationships with local peoples and communities around the world and has acquired a wide vision of how to travel out of our familiar environment in a compassionate, locally based, fun and adventurous way.  He has visited over 50 countries in all the continents, from the top of Himalayas to the pristine blue waters of Polynesia, and lived for close to 15 years in Asia and Australia combined. He is grateful­ for the privilege to be able to share this.


Christopher Wood/Advisor

Christopher Wood is a bit of a renaissance man. He's in a way lead three back to back careers and keeps more creative endeavors going than most folks you'll meet, but you'd never know it by his demeanor. His meditation practice and general ability to intuitively follow his bliss keep him grounded even in crisis. He's a NESTA certified personal trainer, has biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a week and keeps a gluten, dairy and sugar free diet.

Christopher mentors under Dr. Dario Nardi, aligning neuroscience with behavioral science, revealing the connections in emerging patterns between the two. This empirical work is made available in workshops and talks centered around personality, flow state, and general awareness of self and the space others need to truly be individuals.

In his previous life, Christopher ran a successful design agency for over a decade with clients like Coca-Cola, Adidas, Cartoon Network and The Rainforest Foundation. He's currently co-founder of the creative, community workspace Elevator Factory and just opened a private room karaoke bar just because people need to gather in small groups and exchange energetic exclamations. It's a truly healing activity and fun as a mofo.

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Robyn Wright/Advisor/Life Coach

Coaching and creating are the yin and yang in Robyn Wright's world. She is both a certified coach and founder of kalyANa Organics.  Robyn's passion for connecting the dots between community and the kitchen has led her to a new project she calls Everywhere is Local. Meal-planning starts with a seed and planting seeds that grow continuity between stewardship of the planet and each other drives her work in this area. Coaching with Robyn fosters an environment of awakening that invites clarity and response-ability. Whether at a cross-road, a threshold, or a turning point, whether feeling stuck, ready to fly, or simply wanting something more, Robyn assists in integrating her client's experiential inner-wisdom with tools for thriving and inspired action.