Our Way


There are many different ways to travel 

We have all fantasized about escaping to those clear blue waters, those cobblestone streets, those desert sunsets to hear that foreign tongue that hangs in our dreamer's ear...


It's wonderful to imagine meeting strangers in that small cantina down that narrow passageway, and finding permanent friendships or even love. Sure, it's possible, but hardly planned. You miss a bus, shrug your shoulders, and you end up having an unforgettable night in a place you weren't even supposed to visit. This is being in the flow. How can Guided Seeker put you there?  

The Art and the Rhythm

Traveling is an art form at Guided Seeker. The path we take encourages you to connect to your heart, the environment, and the people. The rhythm of our trips allows you to let go so you can be present with where your feet are standing. In other words, we take out the stress so you can just be. 

Machu Pichu, Peru. Find yourself here.

We curate our trips to show you a view overlooked, while appreciating sites of obvious significance. From private beachfront bungalows with wild orchids on your bed, to the sweat of a 3-day excursion into the thick of the jungle, where your shower is the soft bend of a wild river. 


How we curate.   


to go in search or quest of

We seek out locations and experiences that require the senses and heart to open, allowing you to break from habit and become fully present in the moment.

applying oneself to improving or developing

We cultivate relationships with the local community and environment so that we can create travel that is sustainable and respectful.



to bring together or incorporate parts into a whole

We offer our knowledge and experiences to seekers so they can integrate the art of travel into their lives. We created a community to support the work of the inner journey.


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You choose us.
And we choose you. 

We believe in chemistry. Does this kind of traveling resonate with you? Are you ready?

You said yes and here we go...

Two weeks before departure: formal group intro meeting to discuss local customs, itinerary, and answer inquires.
On location: there will be two GS curators for entire trip and local guides.
Two weeks after: trip check-in, regathering, or integration. 



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After your tour, you become a member of the GS community. You'll have first access to upcoming trips, discounts, member meet-ups, and invitations for extreme terrain intimate group excursions...  


We believe that travel can be healing and life changing. We would like to support folks who are warriors in life with an opportunity to travel with us. Contact us if you would like to sponsor someone's trip.