Things to do in Comporta

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Things to do + Places to eat

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Casa da Cultura

This 100-metre-long former cinema and rice barn has been turned into a ‘House of Culture’, featuring a Portuguese shopping alley, an auditorium with vintage chairs, and an art gallery, currently showing works by artists Sandra Baía and Francisco Uhlfelder – an early Comporta aficionado who converted a fisherman’s hut into his second home.

Rua do Secador 8, 7580-648 Alcácer do Sal;

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Cavalos na Areia

Cavalos na Areia, or ‘Horses on Sand’, provides ways to explore the area; including horse riding, kayaking in the rice irrigation channels and cycling through the rice paddies.

Estrada Nacional 261, Km 6, 7580-681 Comporta;

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Herdade da Comporta Foundation and Winery
These facilities have been the heart of the agricultural activity of the area, where farmers used to eat and be entertained. Now it houses the Herdade da Comporta wine cellar and headquarters, which manages the real estate portfolio, foundation and tourism campaigns. Head here for wine tastings.

Espaço Comporta, EN 253, km 1, 7580-610 Comporta;

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A Cavalariça

Led by chef Bruno Caseiro, A Cavalariça is a summer pop-up restaurant in a former horse stable where guests are invited to eat among the original partitions. A highlight is its ‘mosquito hour’, when cocktails and local oysters are on the menu.

Rua do Secador, 9 7580 Comporta;

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Comporta Café

Comporta Café is a seafood lover’s paradise on Praia da Comporta. It’s also famous for its sharing rice dishes and coffee sauce house steak, accompanied by Comporta wine. The café is an unpretentious yet perfect place to end a day. Praia da Comporta, 7680-612 Comporta;

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Sado Estuary

During your stay in Comporta, spend half a day visiting the local pod of dolphins actively living within the freshwater of the Sado Estuary. The community of Sado Bottlenose Dolphins were first identified in 1981 and are carefully monitored and tracked. Find out more about Dolphin Watching when staying in Comporta.

Located at Rua Praia da Saude, 11D, Edificio Marina Deck, Setubal, Portugal