Travel Consulting & Trip Booking Services

need help planning your trip?

we consult individual travelers on
where to stay, what to see, and help you book your trip.

Think of us as your cool older sibling who's got the inside scoop on where to go and what to do.

Our services range from consulting to full trip booking.

Trip Curation & Booking

We take care of it all for you. Whether you’re looking for a high-end, luxury retreat or a backpacker’s experience, we take the time to learn your needs and wishes, and book you the trip of your dreams.

You name it, we make it happen for you:

  • Accommodation - homes and villas, hotels, beach bungalows, liveaboard sailboats, yurts, private estates…

  • Transportation - flights, airport pickup, train tickets, car rentals, boats and ferries, bus rides…

  • Activities - sightseeing tours, cultural events and attractions, day trip itineraries, massages, language/dance/cooking classes, bike tours, architecture, the best beaches, road trip maps…

  • Eating - restaurant recommendations and reservations, in-home private chefs, not-to-miss street food…

  • Anything else? We have you covered.


Travel Consulting

For those wanting to book their own trip but are needing a little direction, we consult you on the best places to stay, what to see while you’re there, the best restaurants to hit, and all the inside info you need to have the trip of your life.

What should you eat in Barcelona? Where's the best coffee in Rome? How do you get a good deal on a plane ticket?
How do I rent a private villa in Bali and get in-home massages every day? Ask away!